10 best warzone loadout

it is perfect for beginners, and is quite accurate  

10. M4A1

a great secondary weapon for close-range fights  

9. 725

secondary weapon that is great for close-range fights, and it will help players be faster in their movements.  

8. MP5

an assault rifle as good as the M4A1 

7. M13

highly debated as many go without a suppressor in this game mode, which is useful in hiding a player's location 

6. FAL

This marksman rifle is the perfect addition to any loadout in the game 

5. MK2

great for any range as it only tends to lose to the MP5 or a shotgun at close range. 

4. Ram-7

it is the best out of the bunch to include in a personal loadout for teams that like to sit. 

3. HDR

a more balanced weapon that can be used in any situation. 


This weapon is great and can be set-up a multitude of ways 

1. AK-47