8 Hocus Pocus 2 Behind the Scenes Facts

In the case of Hocus Pocus, Salem was just as much of a main character as the actual witches. While the sequel takes place in Salem, it was actually shot in Rhode Island, which doubled for the spooky historical town.

Many fans are eager to see what Anne Fletcher has in store for the sequel after directing a number of successful romantic comedies, including The Proposal and 27 Dresses. According to reports, Adam Shankman was originally attached as director, and like Fletcher, he would have been an excellent choice for the film, having directed several comedy musicals such as Hairspray and Rock of Ages. His schedule was a little too full, though, because he was also attached to the other upcoming Disney sequel, Disenchanted.

The witches' primary mode of transportation is obviously their trusty broomsticks, and how it was shot in the original film isn't exactly a secret, as it wasn't exactly the gold standard of special effects. For the sequel, Fletcher went to much greater lengths to make the flying less clumsy and more believable. That entailed wrapping a blue screen around an entire truck. The front of the truck has poles in place of broomsticks and three seats reserved for Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi. It's almost like a theme park ride, as the truck was to be driven at a controlled speed with the actors sitting on top.

Kathy Najimi has been a stand-up comedian since the 1980s, so it's no surprise that many people think Kathy Najimi's Mary is the funniest of the three Sanderson sisters. Najimi improvised jokes while filming the sequel, just as she most likely did on the set of the first film. Nathan Walker, the film's key production assistant, claims "She's hilarious, and in this one, she's been given more freedom to improvise, so she has some great one-liners... She's got a lot of really good material to work with on this one."

A slew of new actors have also joined the cast, with Sam Richardson being one of the most exciting newcomers. The actor revealed that he is a huge fan of the original film, and he raved about working with the three main cast members, calling the experience "surreal."

Bette Midler was seen on the set of Hocus Pocus 2 in December 2021, celebrating her 76th birthday in style. Midler and the rest of the cast were singing and dancing on the movie set, as revealed in an Instagram post (and it looked like there had never been a more fun movie set in the history of cinema). There are numerous songs that fans want the Sanderson sisters to perform, and the behind-the-scenes footage of Midler performing only adds to the hype and fan excitement.

Although the sequel has yet to be released, fans and even the cast and crew are already talking about a possible third film. Bette Midler was quick to express her desire to return for Hocus Pocus 3, stating, "I'd love to have a franchise, especially with a character I enjoy playing. Of course, if there was a third one, I'd sign up, but I'm not sure how." The director also expressed a desire to stay in the world for a little longer. Fletcher hinted, "I've left the door open for a sequel. It's really up to them now whether or not they want to do it. I don't know what else to say except that it is left open. Will they follow through? I'm not sure."