Dyson Pure Cool tower purifying fan Review

Let's discuss some of this product's most important features. It purifies every corner of the room. It also monitors indoor and outdoor air quality, creates schedules, and allows you to control your machine remotely from anywhere.

I really like the sleek modern design. As it purifies the air you breathe, it also functions as a fan. And it's a bladeless fan! It produces a surprising amount of air via small ports that improve air flow.

It is designed to filter out a variety of pollutants and particles, from car exhaust fumes to pollen, and then circulate clean air around the room, cooling it in the process. However, in typical Dyson fashion, there are a variety of features and settings to explore on the Pure Cool.

According to Dyson, the Pure Cool will filter out 99.5% of particles as small as 0.1 microns (so 0.0001mm). The Pure Cool will give you an overall air quality score, temperature and humidity, and reports on four specific particle types via the LCD display (and accompanying app): PM 10 (those smaller than 10 microns, such as pollen or dust); PM 2.5 (those smaller than 2.5 microns, such as smoke or bacteria); NO2 (nitrogen dioxide, found in car fumes or cigarette smoke); and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) (volatile organic compounds, which cover gases found in a range of things like aerosol sprays or air fresheners).

The Pure Cool works by combining two filters: an activated carbon filter for gas capture and a glass HEPA filter for larger particle capture.

Let's talk about my favorite review segment for this product, both positive and negative. So, let's start with the positive. It has a great functional and attractive design. and the air purification works well. decent odor removal abilities are available. And of course, I loved the LCD screen because it displays the metrics for the air quality correctly.

Now, let's talk about the negative aspects of this product, and there is only one problem that needs to be fixed, and I'm not sure if they will or not, and the answer is price, yes, price that could be lower.

Despite its higher price, the Dyson Pure Cool tower fan is a good air purifier overall and worth a try.