HIPAA Security Rule Checklist

 There are 8 steps to HIPAA SECURITY RULE that their compliance must follow.

1. AUDITS and ASSESSMENTS - compliant needs to conduct an internal audit, privacy audit, and conduct a security assessment.

2. RISK ANALYSIS - this must be done by keeping the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines in check.

3. POLICIES and PROCEDURES - One needs to create and implement privacy policies, policies for Business associates, and procedures for PHI access requests.

4. Data Safeguards - 3 Data safeguards are needed to be implemented, these are administrative safeguards, Physical safeguards, and technical safeguards.

5. Employee Training and Communication - employees must be trained and made aware of HIPAA guidelines and policies.

6 – Designated HIPAA Compliance Official - the covered enities must appoint a designated official.

7 – Business Associates - covered entities must have a business associate who must be reviewed. 

8 – Breach Notification Process - The last step involves establishing appropriate procedures & systems for security breach notification.