Rabbit Air Minus A2 Air Purifier Review

with the current state of the world, it is necessary to live in a safe and secure environment that promises clean air. Pollution and infections have been a major hazard for humans, and it is vital to ascertain that one is maintained safely at least inside the boundaries of one’s home. So I believe that you should consider buying a new air purifier.

It can aid you in the detoxification of your home by removing pollutants such as viruses, dust, and airborne infections thereby improving your overall health.


This Rabbit Air minus A2 air purifier is sleek, efficient and you can mount it on the wall or keep it in a corner of your room.

It has mechanical filters of 6-stage removing pollutants from the air and has a longer lifespan based on its usage of 12 hours.

It can be purchased at a reasonable price on the market.

It can run at the expense of a single filter replacement kit and less electricity, and this machine can run continuously for a complete year.

Here we come with the features of this air purifier.


  1. VOCs and odors are minimized with an activated carbon filter and a customizable filter option which allows you to customize the system to your exact environmental needs.
  2. It is designed to purify as rapidly as possible while staying silent at its lowest speed. You can get a good night’s sleep while it will work hard to keep the air clean.
  3. It is the most sophisticated air purifier available in the market with 3-element sensing which is particles, smells, and light.
  4. It has a Bluetooth-enabled remote control to monitor air quality, and regulate purification whether you’re sitting on a couch or away from your home.

The unit’s accessible touch interface enables you to access its functions.

  1. Pollutants are usually measured from smallest to largest. Fibers, mold spores, pet dander, and smoke particles are among them. They invade from outdoors to indoors and are divided into 3 segments-Coarse particles (PM 10), fine particles (PM 2.5), and ultrafine particles (PM 0.1)

To eradicate these pollutants from the air, it has a 6-stage filtration system which consists of:

  a. Permanent Pre-Filter for bigger particles
  b. Medium Filter for medium particles
  c. BioGS HEPA Filter for capturing tiniest particles
  d. Integrated Filters for scents that have been tailored
  e. filters for Odors and Gases
  f.  Particle filtration is enhanced by using a negative-ion generator
  1. There are some unique sets of filters. They possess a separate unique coating to catch and remove certain pollutants as a bonus filter.

The 3-custom filters which are available:

  1. airborne germs and pathogens are trapped by the germ defense filter.
  2. VOCs and other pollutants are absorbed by a toxin absorber filter.
  3. Pet-allergy filters which remove pet dander and smell.
  4. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier measures 20 inches in height, 21.4 inches in width, and 7 inches in wide.

3 types of models exist with the same weight and size:

a. SPA-700A (airflow-187 cfm)
b. SPA-780A (airflow-218 cfm)
c. SPA-780N (Wi-Fi enabled)

  1. The artist series of this air purifier is a feature to enjoy. Fundamentally, Rabbit Air has several artistic designs such as Van Gogh and Claude Monte. You can turn it into picture art when it has been turned on. Thus it will beautify your home space.

You need to be aware that it also comes with a detachable floor stand as well as an optional wall mounting bracket.

  1. The CADR of the Rabbit Air minus A2 is 218 CFM. At its highest setting, it can filter the air in a big 410 square foot room 4 times per hour. Run this purifier at its lower settings every day for 24 hours a week to protect your family. Put it in your living room or bedroom depending on the time you spend there.
  2. It is equipped with 2 air quality sensors. One detects particles, while the other detects odors. These sensors assist you by changing its fan speed depending on the degree of pollution. Moreover, it contains an onboard air quality meter that swings from blue to red depending on the quality of your interior air.
  3. It goes into sleep mode based on the degree of darkness in the room, and the indicator lights turn off when it is in sleep mode.
  4. The quietest model in the market, it produces 25.6 dB (A) in its lowest fan settings and 51.3 dB (A) at its highest fan settings as it comes with a brushless DC motor. So, it can be said that it will not disrupt your sleep and the LED also is not of any concern either. The light sensor automatically reduces light pollution as it dims when the room becomes dark.

Final Thoughts

Considering its filtration technology and aesthetics, The Rabbit Air Minus A2 is a fantastic choice for households. The purifier will be worth the investment for your long-term use. The lifespan of the filters lasts up to 2 years; it is super-quiet and wall mountable.

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