Best Air Purifier Buying Guide

Take some deep breaths: Your lungs will love it.

Taking deep breaths calms us down but if the quality of air is not up to the mark, the opposite is sure to happen. Air living in the sanctity of our home gets polluted for several reasons, and the concerning ones are from cigarettes and fires to dust mites and molded spores. That is why we need to explore the best air purifiers available in the market.

So, relax, start to inhale and exhale and have an eye on the best air purifiers of the market. Here I will guide for best air purifier.


People suffering from asthma, allergies, and other lung ailments are in need of an air purifier. The best purifiers in the market use an advanced filtration system with a fan to filter out fine particles and then put clean air back into our lungs. They have the capacity to clean the air by eliminating hard particles from pet dander to fine particles from cigarette smoke.

You have to make a list of your own specific needs you are expecting from an air purifier. Some of the requirements are mentioned as below:

Pet dander: There are certain air purifiers that have been designed especially to handle pets- thus helping to remove smelly pet dander, bad odors, and hair.

Chemicals: These air purifiers can help those who have extreme hypersensitivity to chemicals. For that, you may need an air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) models. It comes with chemical filtration technology that will help your respiratory system defend against harmful chemicals.


To choose the correct size of the air purifier you have to measure the square foot of the room which you want to purify.

People who have respiratory illnesses consider an air purifier’s change per hour (ACH) rate. It refers to the indicated number of times the air purifier takes to filter the entire volume of air each hour in the space. The purifiers which can clean the air four times per hour are best for respiratory patients.

The recommended sizes for the air purifiers are mentioned below:

Small: These purifiers are designed for rooms that are up to 299 square feet.

Medium: These purifiers are designed for rooms that are between 300 and 699 square feet.

Large: These purifiers are for rooms between 700 and 1900 square feet.


These are some of the features we can expect from air purifiers.

Filtration Technology: You need to choose the right filtration technology which will be the most important aspect of buying an air purifier.

Here are some examples of wide-ranging filters available in the market:

Carbon filters: They trap minute gaseous pollutants such as VOCs from the air via a procedure known as “adsorption”. These filters may become saturated after a long time that may hinder their performance.

TrueHEPA filters: They can capture about 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micrometers. The air purifier industry demarcates CADR or MERV values to their filter models but these values don’t always become the best indicators of an air purifier’s performance.

PECO-filters: Purifiers with this filter technology cannot trap airborne pollutants. They destroy those pollutants at the molecular level by using Patented Molekule Technology.

Noise-reduction technology: The air purifier sound is too loud and you want to relax in total
silence so at that moment you may want to check the sound of the air purifier.
The air purifiers which are the quietest will have a dB rating of 20-40 at the lowest fan speed, while the ones which are loudest will turn on to 50-70 dB and above.
The below-mentioned list puts you with some perspectives:

30 dB is a noise level which is related to whispered conversation.

50 dB is similar when you tune into a normal conversation.

70 dB is as loud as a vacuum or working in a rush-hour office.

Maintenance cost of air purifiers: You need to replace the filters regularly during the life of the air purifiers. A filter can range from a year to a few months because it depends completely on the degree of pollutants at your home and the filtration technology you are using. Some air purifiers have more than a single filter that requires to be replaced regularly.


We have mentioned below some of the best models of purifiers in 2021:

Core 300 True HEPA purifier: It will help you to fill your room with clean air using the core 300 true HEPA filter. Its technology help to filter 99.97% of particles.

Blueair Blue Pure 411: This air purifier has been designed for rooms of small size. It has the
capacity to filter the air at a rate of 5x per hour (which is about 12 minutes) to effectively lower the particle levels and create a comfortable environment in your home, guestroom, or at your office.

Honeywell HPA 300:This purifier is the new energy star qualified. It helps to capture 99.97% of airborne allergens and particles. It is super effective at capturing particles like dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. This purifier comes with Allergen Remover features which enable comfortable tap controls and an automatic shutdown timer.


these were 3 of the best air purifiers that are mentioned. We narrowed down the list to three models based on their features. The air purifiers are described with their key features and the types of filters they used to deliver clean air. It is highly recommended, you check your requirements before deciding to buy the best purifiers from the market.

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