5 Best air Purifier for nursery US -2021

is it a great idea to have an air purifier inside your baby’s room?

You may have bought toys, a cradle, and a rocking chair for your baby but if you, your baby, or your partner is sensitive to allergy then it is recommended that you invest and add an air purifier to your baby’s nursery.

If your family members are suffering from allergies, then your baby might develop them as well.

So, air purifiers can rescue those who are suffering from classic symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, coughing, and itching. The symptoms are common so investing money for buying the best air purifier could be a great decision. They can help us to catch the allergen particles and trap them in a filter. You can make your air allergen-free, and then your baby will become symptom-free.

What can be the best air purifier for your baby’s nursery?

Few things to keep in your mind before buying guide the best kids bedroom air purifier.

Buying guide for best air purifier for kids

HEPA filter: Using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier helps remove fine particles and allergens from the air.

Energy-star certified air purifiers: ENERGY-STAR certified purifiers can help to save your money in the long run as they are backed up by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Dodge ionizing air purifiers: These purifiers use ionizers that attract allergens from the air- sadly it creates ozone, which can be a harmful lung pollutant.

.Check your device’s CADR: It is clean-air delivery rate of your device. Buy purifiers with high CADR because they can clean more cubic feet per minute than low CADR purifiers.

You must make sure that you change the filters regularly irrespective of the device you use, but you do so according to the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise, the efficiency of your filters will go wrong, and eventually, the motor can also get damaged.

Best air Purifier for Nursery

Here we come up with the top best baby air purifier for your nursery

My Happi Air Purifier

This machine has a 5-layer filter to clear your air out of 99.95% of any pollutants such as dander, odor, and dust. It allows the UVC lamp to turn on –or – off and allows choosing between 3-levels of a fan. The LED display shows the quality of air which can be measured in P.M2.5 to see it’s working fine. It has 3 fans which work to deliver air at 28 dB. It contains a particle sensor that tracks the air quality and displays the index on a LED screen. This purifier has a single air filter, user manual, and power cord. Filters carry a lifespan of 6-10 months and can usually be extended by washing them regularly.

Dyson Pure Cool

It is not only sleek looking but it has versatility. It clears out 99.97% of pollutants from the air of your room and the Dyson Link app indicates the quality of air that is circulating in your room. It comes with 10 speeds settings and an automatic shut-down. It intelligently purifies the room but keeps the room cool. It is to create a cleaner and healthier home. These advanced scientific technologies will capture finer dust particles such as allergens and bacteria.

Levoit Air Purifier for Home

it has a 3-layer filtration system which helps to remove 99.97% of harmful air particles. It has LED indicator that indicates to change filters and a night light with a brightness controller. It operates at 24*7 at the highest fan speed but consumes only a rated power of 23W. It is a good deal and a reasonable budget for maintaining your home environment.

Topin HEPA Air Purifier

It is contrary to the belief that newborn babies aren’t always smelled pleasant. A good purifier will come in handy if the air freshener might not work and opening windows isn’t possible. It is silent, has 3 speeds, and a night light. It is recommended that you replace the filters once at least in 3-6 months. The area covered by this air purifier is approximately about 160 square feet and it is cleaning a wide range of pollutants from pet dander to smoke odors.

InvisiClean Aura II 4-in-1 Air Purifier

Purifiers are great for filtering the air in a single room. The larger rooms may need two machines to work effectively. You add it in the nursery to relieve your baby from its allergies. It removes common allergy triggers such as dust mites and pet dander. It has a turbo mode for effective cleaning. It does not sound much as it has lower dB levels. It has a low EMF radiation DC motor to double and deliver air output for maximum cleaning and using less electricity up to 82%. Altogether it is a great air purifier.


Do I need an air purifier for my baby?

Breathing is essential for life. You may go without food and water for days but it is impossible to hold your breath for a fraction of a second. Health-conscious parents must know that a baby’s lung develops as they breathe. So investing in a good purifier is a must for protecting the baby’s health. From bacteria to pet-dander- air pollutants make the air less suitable for a baby to breathe. So it is recommended to buy the best air purifier for your nursery.

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