HYLA Air purifier Review | Hyla Aera White Review USA – 2023

HYLA Air purifier Review | Hyla Aera White Review

HYLA Aera is an air freshener that will help you in clearing the pungent or suffocating smells in restrooms, foyers, hallways, medical facilities or anywhere you place the product. This product functions by clearing the dust, allergens and odor from the air by emitting mild and fresh fragrance which in turn replaces the unwanted other smells.

You can also use these products in home as it contributes highly to your health and well being. Breathe fine air and keep yourself and your family from unfiltered and polluted air.

Details of the product

  • Brand: HYLA
  • Colors: Black and white
  • Filtration system: uses water
  • Mechanism: centrifugal effect

Let’s look deep into the functions and features of this air freshener from HYLA.

HYLA Air purifier Review


This product is from the brand HYLA. HYLA Aera is air and room fresher. This product comes in two colours, black and white. They remove dirt, dust, allergens etc,. and promotes good air and odor In your room where you place this product


This product has a unique filtration system. This product inhales dirt, dust and allergens and traps them in water. Here water is used as a filter. The air is absorbed inside the system and using the centrifugal effect, the air freshener washes the in blown air. Now, after cleaning the polluted air, the system releases out fresh air

Extra fragrance

This procedure is completely optional. If you are allergic to even a mild pleasant smell, you can kindly ignore this step. But, if you love to have a pleasant smell in your room, to give your room a scent of nature, you can add a few drops of HYLA fragrance. This fragrance will replace the bad odor and give out the pleasant smell.

Night light feature

It has a night light feature while adds a cooler look to your rooms. There are multiple colors and the colors change too. If you have kids at your home, this feature especially and exceptionally will suit them.


  • Promotes fresh air
  • Removes dirt and allergens
  • Extra fragrance
  • Night light feature
  • Kids friendly

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