Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Review

Shopping for a quality air cleaner and searching for suggestions? In case you are searching for a reasonable air cleaner with multistage filtrations and a decent wind stream rate, then, at that point, the Winix 5500-2 is a simple decision. Winix is a Korean-based organization centring on home air quality with over 40 years of involvement with air filtration.

So should the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier review be a common decision for a PlasmaWave innovation air purifier on a budget in 2021? Overall execution is unsurpassable, even via air cleaner at greater cost points. Our tests reliably exhibit viable expulsion of PM2.5 particles. There’s a great deal of decision with regards to air purifiers — particularly as more organizations get into the market due to environmental change and expanding awareness of keeping up with solid indoor air for the family. This machine truly has everything you could need in an air purifier.

Winix 5500-2 is mostly the enacted carbon sifter overhaul of the best hit 5300-2 model. The 5500-2 accompanies a high-level carbon sifter and a fundamental distant regulator. Here are the provisions of the air purifier. An air cleaner with multi-stage filtrations can altogether further develop indoor air quality since it effectively targets various sorts of particles. The 5500-2 Air Purifier accompanies a 4 level filtration framework: Fine lattice Pre-sifter (target bigger particles), Granular initiated carbon sifter (target smells), True HEPA sifter (target fine particles), and PlasmaWave(target odors).

This cleaner has a dedicated button to activate the plasma wave. To apply the component, just press the button once. You need to realize that the plasma wave often provides a detectable measurement of ozone. Use this element consistently as ozone can cause an increase in the lungs. In the meantime, if you are having trouble breathing, stay away from it completely. Winix recommends that you remove the sifters at regular intervals. To get a feel for when to replace the filter, check the sifter replacement indicator.

Compact Design and Easy Controls

The 5500-2 Air Purifier has a square-shaped, rectangular plan with a front and sides air consumption and an outlet at the top. The front and sides consumption attracts air and goes through the 3-stage actual filters. The control board might look sensibly occupied, yet it makes choosing a control quick and simple. You have the accompanying controls: Force button, Mode (Auto and Sleep), PlasmaWave, Fan Speed (Low, Medium, High, and Turbo), and Timer (1hr, 4hr, 8hr), Filter Reset. The mode button empowers you to initiate preset modes, specifically Auto and Sleep mode. Auto mode cooperates with the air quality monitoring framework to clean the air.

  • The air purifier enacts Sleep mode when the room becomes dim.
  • It additionally guarantees nonstop, quiet operation. You need to realize that the air cleaner can change back to auto mode within the sight of light.
  • It has two smart sensors. The VOC sensor is equipped for recognizing an assortment of foul toxins pollutants all around. This framework additionally incorporates an air quality marker.
  • The LED light bar changes its tone continuously depending on the air quality.
  • At the point when the LED becomes aqua, the air quality is acceptable. For this situation, the purifier will keep on running typically. The Winix 5500-2 additionally comes with an essential distant regulator for your benefit.


Through the years, the battle in the low-range section never gives the smallest indication of down. An ever-increasing number of producers have been selected into the market, with renowned names like Levoit, Winix, Coway, and Honeywell. To keep a spot in this market portion, Winix has dispatched Winix 5300-2 and 5500-2. These two gadgets will promise one of the most reformist advances inside a reasonable sticker price. The Yearly Filter Replacement: $60 for a 1-year sifter pack (HEPA+Carbon) (actually look at accessibility and sifter cost). Month to month Energy Consumption: $3 (given 12 pennies for each kWh and 12 hours use on the super mode each day).


This air cleaner does work very well and surpassed every one of my assumptions. On account of its 4 phase filtration framework, it traps contaminations, establishing a solid living climate for you, your family, and pets. With the mid-range CADR appraisals, it’s great for both medium and enormous rooms. In case you are somebody who doesn’t have a lot of space in your home or condo, this air purifier will want to tackle every one of your concerns. You will partake in the amazing innovation of air filtration measures inside this gadget, alongside loads of possible elements. Additionally, a 2 years restricted guarantee is there to safeguard if the issues qualify the agreements.

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