5 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo -2021

We all need to breathe clean air. Some may say that getting clean air is impossible nowadays because of relentless air pollution. Dust particles which are visible or invisible can be present in the seemingly cleanest surroundings that can be adverse to your health or aggravate pre-existing health issues. That’s why you should consider purchasing a humidifier and air purifier combo to naturally reduce pollution levels.

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier

many people use air purifiers and a lot of others may use humidifiers. Both the products are beneficial to those who are suffering from respiratory disorders, although the way they provide comfort is different…

Air Purifier

The objective of an air purifier is to eliminate various airborne pollutants from the surrounding of your office or home. It collects several air pollutants from specks of dust to mold spores and smoke odors and other hazardous particles.

Turn on the air purifier and see how it draws contaminated air from your home into the machine filtering via a series of filters. It is 99.97% effective in abolishing air-borne particles that induce respiratory disorders such as asthma and allergy.


Humidifiers are devices that can emit water vapor or steam into the air to elevate humidity levels in your room or throughout your room. It can either produce hot steam or chilly water vapor depending on the type of humidifier. Furthermore, increased humidity levels can alleviate dry, cracked skin and congested nasal passages caused by a lack of moisture in the air in the winter season. Already having a high degree of humidity in the room can increase mold growth so it is recommended to keep your interior humidity levels between 30%- 50%.

The air purifier and humidifier can both be purchased. However, the ideal solution can be a 2-in-1 air humidifier combo.

Fortunately, you may purchase both as a combo but there are not many of them. Combining both humidifiers and air purifiers will offer various advantages, so you can purchase a single device that will play both roles.

To obtain exceptional results you can opt for an air purifier and humidifier separately.

However, if you don’t have much space in your room, then you can purchase an “air purifier humidifier combo” and its application is valuable if you have got limited space for keeping home appliances.

So, for your convenience, we have come with 5 exceptional air purifiers and humidifier combo for you to purchase and breathe fresh air efficiently which also includes the rule-of-thumb to use them to your advantage.

5 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

Sharp Plasma Cluster KC-850U


Sharp Plasma Cluster KC-850U is one of the most ideal purifier and humidifier combinations. While most air purifier combos are heavy on the humidifier, the Sharp Plasma Cluster KC-850U strikes the perfect balance between enhancing indoor air quality and enhancing relative humidity levels. It can clean air and its humidifying function can sanctify a room up to 254 square feet. They provide a one-of-a-kind combination of air treatment technologies to keep your family comfortable throughout the year. It can remove irritants by sucking air through a 3-stage filtration system via an ultra-quiet fan. It has a filter technology along with groundbreaking Plasma Cluster Ion Technology for air purifiers, which results in cleaner-smelling air. The sensors will constantly monitor air quality in your room and regulate its fan for air purity.


  1. it has an advanced technology that can deliver true clean air with Sharps’ proprietary Plasma Cluster Technology which can eliminate microscopic contaminants that ordinary filters cannot trap by mimicking nature’s natural cleaning process of creating positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air.
  2. Sharp’s Plasma Cluster Ion Air purifier is not only ARB certified however it is also CE certified. It can emit 5x less ozone (which is less than 0.01ppm) than the FDA, OSHA, and NIOSH’s lowest industrial and regulatory requirements.
  3. During the filtering process, the washable pre-filter captures dust, and other airborne particles. The activated Carbon deodorizing filters remove odors from the air that passes through the filters.

It has TRUE-HEPA filters which are effective at removing 99.97% of particles of size 0.3 microns or larger from the air that passes through the filter.

  1. You can dim or turn off the control light and set the fan at 26db at low speed for a good night’s sleep; also it has a quick clean mode and can release plasma cluster ions in high density.

Venta Comfort plus LW25 Airwasher Humidifier


The Venta Comfort plus LW25 Airwasher Humidifier is both an air washer and a cleaner in one. This humidifier enables you to humidify the air in a room up to 45 square meters by directing it through a series of rotating discs filled with water. It is possible to adjust the desired range of humidity by using the touch screen control panel, which can offer a range of up to 30 to 70 percent.

As a result, the air is cleaner as well as more humid. It is quite convenient because you don’t have to replace any parts of it to make the humidifier work for you.


  1. It uses evaporative humidification for up to 485 square feet of space.
  2. It can do optimal humidification of 40-60% for healthy air.
  3. It has an Air filter that can remove particles as tiny as 10 um such as house dust or pollen.
  4. It has a digital hygrostat for measuring and controlling relative humidity. It is integrated with a touch-screen interactive display.

Boneco – H400 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier


the Boneco H400 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier can be your breathing assistant because it is relatively tiny, quiet, and inconspicuous equipment with minimal overhead expenses and a variety of technological functions that can function as a humidifier. Additionally, it is aromatherapeutic, an air purifier or you regard it as both simultaneously. It has an additional tank that fits onto its rear, to enhance its humidifying capacity or to minimize the number of times it requires to be replenished.

It contains a downstream filter that reduces smaller particles from pollen to viruses. Last but not just least probably, the evaporator mat takes charge of the humidity of the air.


  1. this device can function as a humidifier, an air purifier, or both. It has been integrated with a high capacity filter which can eradicate allergy-causing pollens, contaminants, and odors thus providing you with naturally humidified quality air.
  2. The control knob is easy to use, with six performance levels for different settings and a preset comfort mode for maintaining optimal humidity.
  3. BONECO App provides easy user guidance and navigation as well real-time humidity measurement and control, which may be used with Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  4. Whatever you choose – increased humidity in the colder winter months, cleaned air during the warm pollen-heavy seasons, or both – the H400 can deliver.

Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive


It is a high-quality TRUE HEPA Air Purifier with a unique humidifier. You don’t just purify your air but revitalize it with Revive. The moisture which is added to the filter does not only improve allergy symptoms such as the stuffy nose or sinus congestion but also significantly relieves dry skin and lowers asthma symptoms. Evaporative humidification is extremely efficient because it results in a steadier humidity level that cannot over-saturate your immediate surroundings.


  1. The “Revive” has a twin suction technology that allows it to travel through air faster than relatively sized machines. Moving the air through dual TRUE HEPA filters can remove 99.97% of particles and allergens larger than 0.3 microns, cleaning the air and making it fresh, and allowing you to breathe comfortably and efficiently.
  2. The Granulated Carbon filter captures and eliminates odors, hazardous gases, and VOCs. The off-gassing Reduction Filter system efficiently removes invisible pollutants such as formaldehyde and VOCs, which may contribute to Sick-House Syndrome and can cause health and respiratory difficulties. Other Specialized Filters can be purchased individually.
  3. A lightweight and small water particle is employed to humidify the room’s environment with the Evaporative Humidification Method. Particles with smaller sizes can move easily through the air, ensuring uniform humidity throughout the room. Similar to an air washer, this humidifier can capture dust and other air particles in the filter and then eradicate them from the room’s atmosphere.
  4. For over 14 years, Brondell has created products made of the best materials available. Every room of your home will have a healthy environment only because of Brondell. In terms of overall product quality, features, value, and most importantly service, Brondell becomes the best choice. Brondell continues to back Revive with its industry-leading Customer Support team.

5.The PureHeat 3-in-1 Air Purifier & Humidifier & Heater


Imagine that you are being able to spend the winter in a warm, comfortable environment without having to worry about your increasing heat expenditure. You can use Green Tech Environmental Pure Heat 3-in-1 to zone –heat your home and turn your central thermostat down so you can only heat the occupied areas without creating a dry home. The Pure-Heat 3-in-1 heater can offer much more than just heating your room. In addition to removing odors, it can also remove smoke, VOC, and other pollutants from the air.


  1. The case and the front grill remain cool, offering safe heating for your entire family. The Green Tech Environmental PureHeat 3-in-1 is the best choice for pure, clean, heated air.
  2. It employs its photocatalytic oxidation method, ARC, activated oxygen, and ionization. This purifier cum heater suppresses odors caused by pets, cooking, smoking, and other activities.
  3. An easy-to-read display has been included, as is a unified control panel consisting of remote receiver, heater control, temperature control, timer control, quiet mode control, and handy remote control.
  4. It purifies the air with ARC technology which contains a high-powered UVC lamp to decrease odors caused by pets, cooking, smoke, VOCs, and other impurities.

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