Best Portable and Rechargeable Air Purifier U.S (2021)

Clean air has become a concern for all of us. Today indoor air has become polluted as much as outdoor air as indoor air does not get circulated much in comparison to outside air so it becomes easier for viruses and other pollutants to thrive inside the indoor air.

Buying an air purifier will be wise to inhale fresh and clean air. But what may happen if you are traveling? It is utterly impossible to bring your home air purifier everywhere you go.

The Air Tamer A-310 may show us a ray of hope. Pollution has increased to a high degree in metropolitan cities so the possibility of having a wearable air purifier is no less than a boon for us.

It came to us as a savior because it can be worn wherever you go and will keep you protected from pollutants and allergens. Moreover, it will clean smoke in the outdoors and dust indoors. It safeguards our respiratory tract from polluted air.

Although the Air Tamer A-310 is rather different from the traditional air purifiers you may have seen in the market. It is a personal air purifier which you can take on a flight, hang around your neck, or even take to your dusty office to get a breath of fresh air.

So, if you constantly getting affected by airborne allergens, seasonal pollen, smoke, or dust, then I will say buying Air Tamer A-310 will be an impressive feat and worth consideration.

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The Air Tamer A310 is a high-functioning, rechargeable travel air purifier. The advanced patented technology of this air purifier has the capability of emitting a constant stream of healthy negative ions that forces the air pollutants to move out of your personal space leaving a 3-foot radius of cleaner and safer air in every direction.

Moreover, it can scrub the air out of pollutants that are left by other types of air purifiers by emitting negative ions. It has an extremely efficient battery life so you charge it once and it will deliver 150 hours of run time with power boost technology.

It becomes incredibly easy for you to carry it around because it has a metal travel case and an adjustable lanyard which makes this air purifier extraordinarily versatile.

It has a strap so it can easily be worn around your neck since it is compact and has a smaller size than most MP3 players. Also, you can merrily place it on your nightstand, so that the air around your pillow becomes free of harmful pollutants.

The Air Tamer A-310 has a motto to deliver healthy and clean air for you, while you are traveling around, either in public places or in places with poor air quality.

Here we have come with the sensational features of the Air Tamer A-310 portable air purifier.


  1. Air Tamer’s state-of-art technology has introduced electrostatic purification which creates a 3-foot sphere of healthier and clean air around your head. The atomic-sized pollutants can be cleaned with it which the traditional HEPA air purifiers have already left behind.
  2. Air Tamer’s Power Boost Technology becomes a strong competitor in the market because it can administer 9 times more cleaning power than other purifiers available in the market.
  3. It has a powerful design that doesn’t look similar to a conventional air purifier device. It is a rectangle-shaped device that is extremely compact and small in size. A wearable strap is provided so that it becomes easy for you to wear it across your neck.
  4. A little brush secured at the top of the device can emit negative ions that attach to injurious particles including atomic-sized ones such as viruses, pollen, smoke, and dust mites. These negative ions get attracted to the positively charged surfaces of your room rather than making their way towards an individual’s breathing passage. So by significantly holding back the harmful particles, you become free of illnesses.
  5. The battery of this device can work up to 150 hours so it will not require a charger for several weeks once it has been charged. It can create a 3-foot radius of cleaner air which ascertains that you breathe pure air.

This handy air purifier can be your perfect travel accessory if you love to explore without exposing to unsanitary air.

  1. It has a design that is ultra-compact and incredibly versatile. It has a green light indicator on its surface to remind you that it is cleaning the air.
  2. It induces a silent operation because there are no noisy fans or motors. It is highly adjustable.
  3. It has a breakaway lanyard which can dramatically improve the performance of this compact air purifying device and significantly increases its run time.

It is highly recommended that along with air purifiers you improve your air quality by regular cleaning, growing outdoor plants, and maintaining proper ventilation. Cleaning the floor and the carpets at least once a week will dramatically help to prevent the allergen and pollutants from building up. You may use dehumidifiers to defy mold and mildew growth. Once the air purifier is not in use, consider opening the doors and windows of your room so that you get fresh air from outside. Following these simple steps besides using your air purifier will surely help you get fresh air.

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