Toppin Air Purifier TPAP002 Review USA (2021)

Toppin is a company founded in California in 2020. It is representing as a health and happiness brand for modern homeowners. It is committed to leverage the value of a smart home that keeps exploring the connection between design and technology to offer future-forward products with an aim to bring aesthetics to your life.

The benefits of an air purifier are vast; there should not be any reason as to why you won’t buy any of these devices for your home.

You should buy them; they will help you to keep control over your allergies and will keep your air safe by eradicating unpleasant smells from your home or office.

For a limited budget, you may find a lot of air purifiers but plenty of them may get costly.

We come to you taking the most appreciated air purifier in the market – TOPPIN’s TPAP002 HEPA AIR PURIFIER.

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According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), these air purifiers can remove 99.7% of pollutants of size 0.3 microns with their HEPA (High Energy Particulate Air) filters which becomes an important feature of these filters. Toppin’s has two filters- one of them removes larger particles from pet dander to hair and a carbon filter which absorbs smoke and odors.

This purifier is suitable for small spaces. It has been designed to work in rooms up to 160 square feet which are perfect for tiny bedrooms and small offices. The size of the air purifier- is nine inches tall and approximately 6 inches wide. It will get your job done, and 5000 reviewers have already appreciated its effectiveness.

It has a compact design and fitted lights for nighttime. With such a compact size, it will be easy for you to move the device around your home or office. It has an adapter in the middle of the filter which is to be found inside the purifier. The filter has been covered with a bag which is to be removed before using it; otherwise, the filter will suffer from malfunctions. It comes in colors black or white, making it easier for you to merge with the interior design of your room.

It includes a UV light which helps to kill viruses and pollutants as they pass via the filter. The fan speed can be regulated with the top button and the lowest fan speed is around 37 dB.

Altogether, this glamorous air purifier is the most reasonable buying option you can have on the market.

Here we come up with the features of TOPPIN AIR PURIFIER TPAP002


  • this air purifier is integrated with night-light function and also with a fragrance sponge.
  • You can use oil and apply it to the sponge under the air outlet of the purifier to diffuse the aroma with the air movement.
  • The blue-night light function of the air purifier can be either turned on or off by a switch.
  • It is a HEPA air purifier with Ultraviolet Light (UV) and has a 4 in 1 nano silver coating filter that can clear out 95% of airborne pollutants of size 0.3 microns.
  • With using the Nano-silver coating and activated carbon layer, it keeps your home and workspace environment clean.”
  • It has a compact size and its dimensions are 6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3 inches and it weighs about 3.2 lbs.
  • It has a significantly large purification area that can cover up to 160 sq. ft.
  • Due to its wider purification area, it becomes perfect for cleaning various types of contaminants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, cooking smells, and smoke odors of a certain space.
  • It has quiet operation mode and a 3-level fan speed.
  • This air purifier will run at a low noise level making it convenient for you to place it in your bedroom or study room. It will run on below 37 dB at low speed which is very silent and you can have your peaceful sleep even by turning it on or read without any noise from its end.
  • You can shift between 3-different fan speeds of the air purifier to make it suitable according to the air quality and space of your room.
  • The adapter of the purifier has been stored in the middle of the filter element which is kept inside the air purifier.

Safety recommendations:

It is recommended that you must change and replace the air filter once every 3 to 6 months. It has UV lamps so it is recommended that you do not look at them directly even for a short period otherwise you may damage your own eyes. The UV light is strictly irreplaceable as it is not a user-serviceable part. Before you perform service, make sure that you disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Clean the filter each month at least once and often more cleaning may be required upon the environmental conditions.

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