Molekule Air Mini Small Room Air Purifier Review

Are you looking for a small air cleaner with Wi-Fi control? If so, then you’re at the right place.  Air cleaners positively come in many shapes and sizes, yet the Molekule Air Mini is one of the most stylish. The primary work of an air cleaner is to eliminate poisons in the indoor air. It likewise shouldn’t make any auxiliary level contamination while doing the essential work.

Moreover, as it is a home appliance, it ought not to be of an odd modern sort shape. This scaled-down chamber is extraordinary for little spaces like a children’s room or workspace. Its greater kin will be incredible for bigger spaces, so assuming you’re searching for a bedside air purifier, the Molekule Air Mini is a decent beginning stage. It utilizes a nanoparticle-covered PECO channel, which enacts by bright (UV-A) light to oxidize airborne contaminants. 

PECO Filtration

Dissimilar to customary HEPA air purifiers, the Molekule Air Mini utilized PECO innovation as its essential filtration technique. Molekule claims this protected channel works at the atomic level to trap and kill airborne contaminants. PECO represents Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, a high-level technique for the notable PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) innovation, which is extremely viable at killing gases and VOCs.

CADR and Room Size

Molekule has not delivered the CADR information of the Molekule Air Mini. They are recommended for use in rooms up to 250 square feet. All things considered, this air purifier is best for workspaces, studio condos, and surprisingly your child’s room.

It has a characteristic felt handle that permits you to convey the air purifier from one space to another easily.

Smart Compatibility

What you likewise like with regards to the Molekule Air Mini is that it’s a savvy viable air purifier. You can undoubtedly track and control your air purifier utilizing your cell phone. The local application, accessible in both App Store and Google Play, will permit you to control the air purifier distantly.

Molekule Air Mini Operating Costs:

Sifter Replacement Costs: $75, as long as a half year use (really take a look at accessibility and channel cost on Amazon, Molekule).

Month to month Energy Consumption: $2.4 on the most elevated speed, $1 on the least speed (in light of 12 pennies for each kWh and 12 hours use each day). Utilize our Energy Consumption Calculator to discover the bill dependent on your use and the local energy rate.

Final Thought

For single rooms, the Molekule Air Mini makes a fair showing of circling air and keeping your current circumstance protected and new. It’s safe to leave alone in the corner or on your bedside table, and needn’t bother with any unique consideration whenever it’s connected.

Even though PECO filtration is a more slow interaction, it will aid in the capture and destruction of airborne poisons like VOCs, odors, airborne microorganisms, infections, and deep in small to medium-sized rooms. The drawback is that this model doesn’t have the smarts to screen exactly how well it’s performing – a component that’ll cost you an extra $100.

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